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Diwali 08(Lenz)

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Tuesday the 28th was Diwali and our New Year’s day fell on the 29th — the Festival of Lights — unfortunately I could not go home for the celebration — but staying back — i witnessed a beautiful array of colour and light — mixed with the people — families -&- friends

The temple (Rameshwar) down the road along with Sahara Computers organized an evening filled with fireworks — Celina Jaitley – Kim Sharma & Upen Patel attended as well (Bollywood Actors) as did Claudia Henkel but I don’t think anybody recognized her immediately — oh and Jacob Zuma (president of the ruling party of our sweet country) — but anyway enough of them — enjoy every photo — live through the night in the next few minutes

^Lights/Lamps light the way

^Family — Suresh – Kishani – Jaysha – Mesha – Tusrika

^Amesh — Suresh

^Jaysha – Mesha & Tusrika

^Almost every attempt at capturing the fireworks were hampered with the street lights
Guess I have still much to learn

^the Fire Brigade was a must at the venue – not the house the Temple

^Rushil — Mitesh

^I could not wait for the temple to start — so i ‘played’ with the truck

^and so it began

^i know the framing wasn’t perfect — but i did not want the street light in the frame
so i only managed to capture this

^Hitesh & his daughter

^Lucky & Kashmira

^Viks & Yana

^Bogs & wife

^Lucky – Sheelin – Ragas

^Vix enjoying the lights and looking after his daughter

^looking up — this was truly something

^i know this is not really good — but if you were there — you would have seen the streets
light up beautifully — look at the next 2

^Tusrika – Dina – Amesh

^Padma – Bhanu – Ekta


^you could call them my grandmothers — Vanitamami & Niroogigi

^that’s my uncle on the left – Vijay

^he was the best dressed boy by far

^JB & Manisha

^Mits and Dips

^JB — Me — & Shyam (my cousin)

^Sheelin & Rohit

^Kamal & wife

^singing & dancing the night away

^JB & myself

^Viks & JB

^Amesh roaming around for a good party

^Sheetal enjoying the tunes

^always time for a group shot

— New Year’s Day–

The next few are of some beautiful ladies — forever admired



^Family photos are always nice — lots of colour

^Tusrika — styling

^Suresh — its hard to strike a pose

^Manoj – Hitesh’s brother

^and as the night drifts away — rest the heart — now filled with the dreams
a future

^and this is me on the day — cool — calm and laid back

Written by Jessel Sookha

October 31st, 2008 at 3:42 am