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London 2010 7

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So back in London after a train ride that did not go as expected – so early start to the day we met up with Jaysha & Mesha at Victoria Station and took them through to Southbank – towards the Royal Festival Hall – had some coffee and decided to walk along the Southbank – so walking we go – we notice a sign saying – “Warning – Film Crew Ahead” – and I noticed Shah Rukh Khan – and when I jokingly told them – they did not believe me – looking closely – they and I got just as excited – hardly anybody around took oitice that a Bollywood superstar was just mere meters away from us – some other India girls walking by – started screaming – but as the security came near – were told to keep it down – he wasn’t filming at that moment – we waited for the moment – trying to get the security to help us in meeting him – but unfortunately couldn’t – so I guess we have to just admire through the moments catpured –

The Tate Modern is always something to be admired

Reflections – they allow us to see more – to imagine the impossible

Always the hidden message somewhere –

St. Paul’s Cathedral – the architecture – the moments around it – the carvings – the statues – beautiful

Hamilton’s ride – wonder why it was upside down

Harrods – a museum unlike any other – and muffins to die for

Written by Jessel Sookha

February 25th, 2011 at 12:20 am

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