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Durban July 2009_2

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The Vodacom Durban July has come and gone – quite quick i might add – but at least I have some memories – this time round I managed to capture some really beautiful ladies -&- some good photos with the friends – and please understand that I know I’m late again in posting this entry – but somethings arose at the last minute

If anybody wishes to get the original of the photos you are in, please drop me an email at 99thbone[at]gmail[dot]com – apologies for way the email is displayed – but i’m wary of getting spam — anyway please enjoy the photos & the theme for the day was ‘The Games People Play’ – so expect many cards –

had to get one group photo in – before we started

 – pearly – jugga – ashwin – shyam

have to still practice those on the hip shots – i kind of enjoyed this frame

these ladies were performing outside one of the coporate tents – called the ‘House of Clubs’

on their head was a horse so they were beautifully prancing along the way

played a bit with the levels and colour – just another photographer

people from all forms of media were around – capturing whatever they could for the day – the police
were not far behind keeping us ‘safe’

ahswin getting his first bet in for the day – early – and i think he won some as well

pearly – shyam & jugga – discussing the pool bets and trying to get the stats for the horses

the scoreboard – we sit just below it – close to everything and – like the cross process feel the colours gave

like i metioned above – cards – beauty in the most interesting of forms

quite an array of colours in everything –

pearly striking that pose as well

some ladies just rest their feet – so i just had to capture the frame

took a stroll around – too many people – so the images are mostly from the hip – some
in frame some blurred

red was the most striking colour – simple – passionate

she was posing for someone else – so i captured the moment – in a different way

she is – beautiful – probably the best looking designer i have seen so far – btw –
i wish to know your name – just that – email me

the above designer – her designs – an imagination is never limited

red – and passionate – beauty forever admired

you can see the implementing of cards in the whole idea – if you look
in the background on the left – you’ll notice 2 girls dressed as cards as well

some simple lines – but always accentuating the female form

her designer –

an african look is never far off – with raw passion

cuts that are left to your imagination

their designer – always looking to get the word out there

candy – she’s a presenter on ‘Flash’ a local magazine styled programme
showing off the hottest celebs and happenings around SA – beautiful as always
she was suprised when I had asked to take her photo – it was worth it – a smile
forever admired –

please forgive me for not knowing her name – another celebrity roaming around
like mentioned before beautiful – sexy ladies everywhere

these friends were just relaxing – taking each race as it came around

that’s me – i mentioned that this time – i got into a few photos – these ladies were promoting
the Blackberry phone – capturing images all over the place and putting them on the blackberry
site – which reminds me – i think i’m there

closer to the stage – waiting their turn to parade their dresses

the chess board was quite a unique idea – and such a cut lady – who
could not resist liking her

apologies – her eyes closed at the worng time –

but i asked for another and she agreed – thank you

always something out there that captures the imagination – and pushes
the limits

other people capturing the beauty around

a designer always gets left out of the moments – i prefer that they are in them
always a smile

simple is striking in the most interesting of ways

she was someting else – so i enjoyed giving this frame a little extra in colour

the judges – on the left – is out current Ms South Africa – Tatum – never could get a photo of her

just friends – always accepting of allowing me to capture a moment

the horses parade – just out of the stables before they come on the track

they posed – something different os always admired

always leave the imagination wondering

these ladies fashioned their outfits out of plastic – unique

draped and admired

colours – form – beauty and light – forever admired

these ladies were walking around advertising Police glasses –

friends are always interesting to capture

always – liked the way each of them smiled

medical assitance was never far behind

and the cuteness lever were off the roof

friends – always creating memories

some more striking colours –

tejal and vinesh – friends

more couples – friends – just enjoying the day

i know the flash is bright – but always something interesting to captured

black is black – pure – passionate

buggy – everywhere he goes – he’s in the moment – sweet talking all the ladies

one of the bartenders – helping out – thank you

true – the cutest bartenders were around – lauren and abigail

some colours just worked well together

her designer – beautiful as well

colours never ceases to amaze – how about the guy in the background

a smile – moment – always see her play

ahswin – taking another bet – everybody waiting around and drinking

i did say i was going to do this – one red – one blue – people just stared – and thought

? – danny – pearly -&- buggy – getting a drink in

some striking couples – always alive

pearly was everywhere – just enjoying the moments

the colours – she has that ‘lady gaga’ look – passion come alive

cutness in every corner of the world

the betting getting more intense

jugga & shyam reading and waiting

always friends – smiles – and some interesting hats

quick photo – random and to the point

a close-up – much more admired

everybody chose to express themselve in the happiest of ways –

lauren & cait (if i got the name wrong – please send me the right name)

simple flowing – floating into the sea

kids just enjoying the horses

her tattoo – beautifully created

friends – always admired

just waiting to place a bet and why not capture a moment

dipna & dipesh – came down from jhb just for this – friends – family

group shot

on the left – yashika – a good friend from college days – haven’t seen her in awhile –
and what do you know we bump in – in the mose interesting of places

buggy – me – pearly – (dipna started capturing some moments while i took a rest)

friends all around

on the right muks – dipesh’s brother

walking around – making sure the horses get to where they need to be

thulani – cute – smile

jugga – enjoying a random moment

reaching out – waiting to see the main race

checking the big screen as the horses come by

and they pass – still have to learn how to use the settings to capture the right moment

i enjoyed this frame – because something did come right here

checking if they won something

thulani and friend checking their winnings and the next race already

ashwin & jugga – taking note that in the pool of friends – we had just won a little over R2000

some of our winnings

the night-vision moments are something else

just taking it easy


dipna – capturing a good moment – i think i had won some money here

laughing all the way – but not to the bank

me and buggy – i can’t remember why me head was doing that

dipna & dipesh – a close-up

someone wanting their photos already – sorry it only came today

shyam enjoying the moment

trying to start something – never did finish it

ace – shyam & myself – posing

buggy falling into the frame

mouth open – need more to drink

making some interesting faces

quite enjoyed the group photos – creating memories

shyam & jugga – reading the next race

dipesh’s friends – they were roaming quite alot

trying to see what came out of this race – liked it

i know the flash gets to some people

rajesh and shyam

at least the flash worked nicely here

just enjoying the moments

holding it in the ear – and trying to figure out the next bet


pure white

just relaxing – taking the moment in – and having fun

truly having fun

reaxing and watching the rest of the night unfold

random moments – admired

i think they found the horse

close – i know – happy – always

waiting for the scoreboard to release some results

pour the shot

playing around – waiting for the race

she was just there

dipna enjoying the moments – having some good fun

dipesh and ashwin

dipna – shyam and jugga

to the power of 5

the 13th un-official race – guys run down the track naked – i heard some girls took part
but never saw any – i think someone was lying to me

shyam resting his feet

the racecourse always provides the lights – my hands start to do this

thank you for visiting the site and enjoying the images – please as mentioned above – if you want any of the photos – just drop me an email – and i’ll send them – i would like to update the images with people’s names – so if you don’t mind – comment – and i’ll update

who knows what will happen next year – all i can say is that it will be an adventure the mind is willing to take – and an imagination waiting to be blown away

later  days

Written by Jessel Sookha

July 16th, 2009 at 2:49 am