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Durban July 2012

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The Vodacom Durban July 2012 (Greyville Racecourse) was well under way with the pitching of the tents at least 2 weeks in advance – The lights played into the Durban throughout the night creating an awakening – that speaks of the day/night to come —

A day just enjoyed — thats for sure — betting is just one of the things — tbh — I won absolutely nothing — none of te favourites played their parts — mostly outsiders that were the winners of the day — guess it wasn’t our day —

The photos – I noticed many people from their respective TV programs interviewing models / designers / people — photographers / official – there were many / non-official – there were not — but of the non-official – many were charging people R30 to capture the photo and print it immediately from a USB printer — nice idea — but for me it became a bit of a hassle — as I wanted to capture — people kept on asking if I was charging — I don’t charge — never have and never will — just my hobby —

So with that — if you do see yourself in the photos and wish to have the original — please don’t hesitate to email me on 99thbone[at]gmail[dot]com — I’ll send you the original photos next week — Do enjoy the moments captured

Made from recycled/old mobile phones

Walking across – checking the horses that were out of the races

This spot – always here – ready and waiting for the results

Cute Friends

Posing – sometimes the taller one comes down to the shorter friend

She looks much better standing

Ladies guiding patrons into one of the hospitality tents

She is a designer — always admired – captured her beauty a few years back

Presenter for All Access on the MNET channel

Ladies promoting Sunglass Hut

Always good to see a smile – these are the frames always admired

One of those photographers – charging for the printing of the photos

Beauty surrounds the photographer – me with the big wooly hat

The ever beautiful Leeann Roberts — behind her is Miss Jeannie D & Pixie Bennett — who – I would have loved to photograph — but unffortunately they were in a rush to get to their next venue — maybe next time

The last race — horses are truly graceful

The lights never cease to create — Later days

Written by Jessel Sookha

July 9th, 2012 at 5:27 am