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London Paris 2010 3

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This fine morning we got ready – and were going to meet Jaysha & Mesha at St. Pancras for our ride on the Eurostar – this was quite the change from the previous station at Waterloo – quite admired the glass and reflections all over the place

Mesha – looking out – just that

We were set into 2 different carriages -so after leaving Jaysha & Mesha – we made our way to ours – and Mehshal decided do take a photo of me – stading with my ticket –

Making notes of things to do and see

Once we reached Paris – the memories started coming back – about getting the Metro tickets as well as some other things – the main thing we had to do – was get to the hotel – so we took about 3 different Metro Lines and once we reached the station we could not see the hotel – didn’t once think of using Google Street Maps or anything else – we managed to ask some people for some help and got the direction right – but just could not see it – so not knowing if we were walking in the right direction – we did just that – walked and slowly the hotel sign came just over the freeway – found it – settled down – freshened up – and onto our way to the Eiffel Tower –

Since I was here the last time (got lost 1 too many times in 2007)- I wanted them to see Paris like how I sawi it – walking – but to a certain degree the weather as it was – was just too hot – and we rested for a little while – here and there –

There it was – as it has always been for quite some time – we decided to actually come back later – since we saw the boat rides on the rivers edge – we decided to go for this and then come back for the Eiffel Tower – the boat ride awarded us a nice rest – instead of walking all over the place

After the ride – we made our way towards the tower and noticed a photographer capturing a couple’s wedding photos on the street – just like that – everybody bearing witness –

The architecture is trluy admired – going to get some prints done of these photos

We came just when most of the Northern Hemisphere is on holiday – so we waited – for about 2 hours in the que to get to the entrance/lift/tickets – + – there was going to be a delay to get to the top – because of the volumes of people waiting just like us

The sights from level 2 are just specatular – so much is here – in the city – in its people

As we descended the tower – the lights were turned on – and the tower in all its beauty is truly admired – something that was told to us before we left – was to wait for the lights to come on – and so we did – waited – and millions of fairy lights started to flicker on the Tower – I did not yet learn the SLR camera – so I took out the Sony and captured some images – the last 1 of this entry does not do it justice – you really have to be there to see it come to life

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